SEO services for ambitious companies!

SEO service tasks – TO INCREASE YOUR PROFIT; to make sure Google loves your page! You can’t even imagine how much € $ companies lose EVERYDAY, because they are not found on the first page!

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What is SEO optimization?

Professional website SEO Optimization is the smartest sale machine – you only need to start it up!

In the past, you would have had to put up posters and advertisements on the streets, so that people could find out about you, but the world has changed. Today all you have to do is appear on the first Google page and your sales start to rise!

The most successful companies have already done SEO analysis, internal and external SEO optimisation, so buyers can easily find them in the major search engines. And how is your website doing? If you want success, the following pleasant jobs are waiting for you: meeting with us- we will solve everything else.

How is your website doing? If you want success, let’s meet!

  • Consulting.
  • Professional SEO optimisation
  • Website’s text content / copywriting
  • Memorable text creation (Social SEO)
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Professional SEO optimisation would be wonderful if more people were visiting your website. We know how to achieve it! We offer smart solutions that arouse the desire to press your website’s “Buy!” button.

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We have over ten years of experience with many famous companies. Take advantage of our experience—increase your sales! Become more successful!

Advertise online smartly! Start with a free SEO consultation!

Do you want to increase your sales at least twice? Get in touch—find out exactly what to do! If you follow our tips, your website will start generating more profits!

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Why do you need website optimization?

In Lithuania, you will find successful companies that earn over €10,000 every month as visitors find their website in Google’s organic search results. They don’t buy banners; they don’t pay for TV commercials These companies generate CONSTANT income because they take care of their website’s optimization. You can achieve similar or even better results than they — competitors have!

We have clients who doubled their sales in just three months. It is not easy, but it is possible. You must understand that the ability to find the website you are administering depends on the service/product, location, and many factors. Contact us—find out why you are not on the top of a search list. Find out what to do, and they’ll start finding you in organic search!

We propose to start with high-quality website research that will reveal many important factors.

The SEO services we offer are not only suitable for e-shops — they are ideal for small and large companies that take their business seriously and are looking for ways to increase organic customer traffic and sales! !

Contact us!

Professionals who will work on the optimisation of your website


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SEO analyst

The job of an SEO analyst is to evaluate the project, provide traffic reports and provide information related to competitors’ performance. An SEO analyst diagnoses the effectiveness of the strategy. It influences the formation of tasks, checks the project’s further development processes, and informs the project manager about the achievements.

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Backlink manager

Backlink manager (Outreach specialist) is not a very popular profession. The task of this person is to get a quality link. Sometimes references can be bought and sometimes received as a gift or barter. This depends on the experience of the backlink manager.

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You - customer

Without you, we would not be too. We believe that you are an integral part of our team. Therefore, we invite you to join us and observe the professional optimisation of the website together. If you want, you can observe how we work and participate in team conversations. And if you don’t have time, we will still send you monthly reports and together be happy with your achievements!

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Project manager

The project manager ensures a smooth process of website optimization. His mission is to create a team in which everyone knows their tasks and carries them out. The project manager works with the analyst, takes care of the quality of work of the content creator and link manager.

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Content creator

We are an extraordinary SEO agency—creating socially acceptable content. Our mission: seduce Google and other search engines to love the content on your site so much that you will hit the top positions in search. The more “quality” visitors to your site, the more clicks on the “order” button!

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SEO programmer

SEO programmers perform many complex processes. Its task is to correct the code if it interferes with the page’s indexing and to complete a list of works submitted by the project manager who worked with the analyst. The programmer is an integral part of the team. Only by working with a programmer can you take care of the professional hygiene of your website code and get to the top positions in Google!

Let's meet!

Are you interested in increasing the traffic, authority, and awareness of your website? Take advantage of a free consultation! Learn how to make your website achievements match your ambitions.

Why choose us?


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SEO2 technologies

Using the latest technologies and the long-term experience of the “Know How” branch abroad, our SEO agency has provided us with invaluable knowledge that will help you.

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Detailed reports

Detailed reports will be sent to you by email every month. You will be able to enjoy graphically presented results—constantly growing traffic on your website. After all, would you like them to find you in the organic Google search engine?

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Professional website’s content

We work with professional writers who will add flavor to your website texts. This will increase the value of your business. You won’t have to look for writers.

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Gifts - SEO training

Our Social SEO agency cares about the future of its clients. That is why we can offer training. If you use this gift, you (or the team working for you) will be able to run your website without us.

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We offer Social SEO services

E-shops service owners sometimes ask themselves: “What’s the point if my website is easy to find online, but people don’t order and don’t pay?” Therefore, the question arises: What can be done so that customers find services and products on the internet and buy them? We have the answer! It would be best if you worked with social SEO experts. “Social SEO” service is fundamentally different from regular SEO service. Only thanks to Social SEO can you make your website flourish. Thanks to this service, websites start bursting into bloom. Only with such websites can Google and visitors fall in love!


We are the most reliable company to offer “social SEO” services! We know what to do to make you succeed, and so website’s visitors would:
a) Leave their email address to you (we helped our clients collect over 40,000 subscribers with email addresses, all in just a few months).
b) Sign up.
c) Execute the transfer.
d) Tell friends and relatives about your webpage.

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We offer everything in one place

SEO services require professionals in different fields. However, we have a huge team that will offer you both website design and programming services. We also have Facebook communication and video marketing branches.

We work all over the world (We work worldwide)!

In the last 13 years, we have worked with many companies from the US, France, Italy, Lithuania. Thanks to our friends-partners who represent our company abroad. Without them, we wouldn’t have that much experience! We are sharing several clients from a vast list. (You can find more information about our clients in the History/Clients section.)

What is professional page optimization?

Page optimization helps your website be found in Google search engines and encourages you to buy a product or service. In other words, it is a very effective business tool, thanks to which your website will become more visited—it will climb to the top positions in Google and other search engines. SEO consists of internal and external page optimization work that we know the best due to many years of experience. We like the honest promotion of a website when none of the questionable links are used. Our goal is to raise your page visits so that you stay in high positions for maaaaaaany years!

How long does professional SEO optimization take?

Some SEO experts say that your page may appear on the first page of Google search in three months. Other optimization experts say results can only be achieved after six months. There are many different opinions about this, but the duration of optimization depends on the task. For example, a website might be perfectly prepared, but it is not found due to several errors. By fixing these errors, you can significantly increase customer traffic. In this case, you will not spend a lot of money, but the result will be there (visible). Therefore, to tell how long it will take to work with your page can only be said after analysis. Let’s get started now, and you will know the answer tomorrow!

For which companies and services professional SEO services are suitable?

Google paieškos sistemos optimizavimas apima daugybę skirtingų internetinio marketingo disciplinų, todėl kiekvienam savo klientui, parengiame individualią strategiją.

Esame optimizavę virš 300 tinklalapių įmonėms, kurios užsiima įvairiausiomis veiklomis; dažymu, projektavimu, kirpimu, produktų gamyba, grožio paslaugomis ir t.t. Daugiausia patirties turime elektroninių parduotuvių optimizavime. Labiausiai mūsų paslaugos tinka B2C (verslas vartotojui) sektoriui. Esame dirbę ir B2B (verslas verslui) paslaugų tiekėjais, tačiau tai išskirtiniai atvejai.

How website optimization works: project stages

Some SEO experts say that your page may appear on the first page of Google search in three months. Other optimization experts say results can only be achieved after six months. There are many different opinions about this, but the duration of optimization depends on the task. For example, a website might be perfectly prepared, but it is not found due to several errors. By fixing these errors, you can significantly increase customer traffic. In this case, you will not spend a lot of money, but the result will be there (visible). Therefore, to tell how long it will take to work with your page can only be said after analysis. Let’s get started now, and you will know the answer tomorrow!


A strategy awaits in the second stage.


Knowing the strategy of your competitors, their pros and cons (which we will find out in the first stage), you will be able to choose your strategy. You will decide how many articles you want to upload to your website per month (we can write them for you or do it yourself). We will help you to decide if you need additional menu items that would significantly improve traffic.


In the third stage, we will implement the tasks. Our goal will be to increase the authority of your domain, and… There will be internal optimization, work with external optimization. Our job will be to link to portals related to your activities that will place their links on your page to increase the website’s value. Content hosting and search engine optimization, which aims to increase organic traffic, will play a significant role. Let’s not forget the page load speed as this issue is one of a hundred; we’ll resolve it as well. As we speed up the loading time of your page and improve other settings, Google algorithms will fall in love with your website.


The fourth stage will be dedicated to detailed report delivery. (You will receive a document showing the graphs of website visits, you will get acquainted with the pages visitors visit most often and…) The report will be followed by your happiness, which you will experience when your business tool—website—increases sales at least twice.

Kur mes dirbame, kokiuose miestuose?

Galime susitikti Kaune, Vilniuje, Floridoje. Tačiau galime pasikalbėti ir online. 100 verslų padidino pardavimus pasinaudoję mūsų skaitmeninės rinkodaros, bei optimizacijos paslaugomis. Jie įsitikino, kiek daug naudos suteikia puslapio optimizavimas. O Jūs, ar norite pamatyti, kiek daug naudos suteikia optimizavimas?

SEO paslaugos Kaune, SEO paslaugos Amerikoje

We would love to meet you. We help websites flourish—turn out to be in the top positions in Google.

Be our guests and get to know our team, professionals with tremendous experience working with legendary companies.

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